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Untold Radio AM covers, Interesting new science, genomic studies, odd wildlife research, strange disappearances, cryptids, mysteries, life after death, interesting celebrities, UFOs and other unexplained events and occurrences plus whatever topic we feel is UNTOLD.

May 12th - EP33 Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson, A best-selling Author and Physics expert who will discuss all things Reality Shifts, the Mandela effect, Quantum Jumps, Plant communication, Positive thinking, and other science topics surrounding our strange universe on UNTOLD Radio AM. Read More

May 19th - EP28 Jesus Payan Jr.

Is an actor who plays Gonzo on the Hit Series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, along with numerous other movies with Steven Segal and Mark Wahlberg. Read More

May 26th - EP37 Mike Heston Rogers

Mike Heston Rogers was involved in the Famous Travis Walton UFO incident. Mike was Travis Walton's Boss of the Timber Stand Improvement crew Snowflake AZ in 1975 when Travis Walton was seemingly taken aboard a strange unidentified UFO and was missing for days. In this Untold Radio AM Episode, we will hear Mike's unique take on what he saw, felt, and did that strange night and the tough days that followed. This was the most witnessed, investigated, and researched abductions in History. Read More

June 23rd - EP36 Carl Marshall

Carl Marshall is a UK Biologist and Assistant Director for the Center for Fortean Zoology. This is the largest professional, scientific and full-time organization in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - The study of unknown animals. Read More