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Untold Radio AM covers, Interesting new science, genomic studies, odd wildlife research, strange disappearances, cryptids, mysteries, life after death, interesting celebrities, UFOs and other unexplained events and occurrences plus whatever topic we feel is UNTOLD.

Doug Hajicek

Doug Hajicek is a wildlife researcher, technology inventor and has had a very successful national television career spanning over 30 years. His accomplishments are also many in the scientific world. His firsts even include building the camera system that filmed the first free swimming giant squid well over 54' feet long living in its natural habitat.

He has also designed many hidden cameras to spy on bears and other mammals. He is also the Producer for the hit long running TV series "MonsterQuest" for the History Channel. Before this he produced many documentaries and other TV series for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, TLC, OLN, NBC, CBS, PBS. He recently co-authored a scientific paper July 2020 in the journal of Animals on the birth of black bears and their care.

Doug Hajicek resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Joel Sturgis

Joel Sturgis has worked in radio since the age of 16 years old. Starting his career at a small local AM radio station in the Northwoods of Minnesota. it didn't take long for Joel to advance in the field of radio. Joel has since worked for large and successful radio networks such as Westwood One, CBS Radio & I Heart Radio. Joel has found his broadcasting niche in the subject of high strangeness.

But Joel is not just a great voice behind the microphone. He is also a researcher of the paranormal. Joel is equally comfortable hunting for ghosts, searching for bigfoot, and gazing into the night sky looking for extraterrestrial life. Joel brings his passion and knowledge of the strange and unusual to Untold Radio AM.

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