A Scientific Investigation of Infrasound | Grasping Sasquatch #7

YES, THIS IS A SASQUATCH RESEARCH SHOW!!! IN THIS 7TH EPISODE ON MY CHANNEL, WE WILL BEGIN TO EXPLORE A SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION OF INFRASOUND (AFTER 6 EPISODES ON FIGHT/FLIGHT!).In this, the 7th Episode of this Series, with the kind permission of Sasquatch Investigator Extraordinaire Thom Powell, I'll share his personal Infrasound Story originally presented at the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference! We will then begin a Brief Review of the Scientific Literature on Infrasound in Terrestrial Creatures. This May Inform the HYPOTHESES of Infrasound Effects on Humans by Sasquatch (commonly called "Zapping" in Bigfoot Circles). This will also serve as the Foundation for Episode 8, in which I will review a Laboratory Experiment on the Impact of Bigfoot Infrasound in Humans that I proposed in my book "Psychological Horizons In Scientific Bigfoot Research" aka as "Grasping Sasquatch" (soon to be published by Hanger 1 Publishing Company). I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!