A Scientific Sasquatch Story "BS Detector" | Grasping Sasquatch #9

Anectodical Evidence continues to remain the one of the most common forms of Bigfoot evidence! Some stories seem so Fantastic/Incredible to as to promote Incredulity Bias (WTF!) In this scientifically controversial 9th show, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Eye Movement Tracking will be explored as a Psychological BS Detector to determine whether the story teller is "remembering events" being told, or "constructing" new events in the process of the story telling!!!!We will reverse the Story/Science format of my show to that of a Science/story format An NLP eye-movement chart will be presented, which along with good listening, allows us to assess the individual's primary sensory information process modality and if they are "Remembering" or "Constructing" the story; thus informing validity issues related to such incredible stories. This system has been supported through scientific research which will be reviewed, but has also been roundly criticized in the psychological literature as an invalid Pseudoscience.I will then tell stories from a recent BFRO expedition followed by my experiences on a private expedition with my research partner, Craig Roach! One of these stories will be a misleading story, and audience participants will use this NLP system in a mini-experiment to see if you are able to detect which of the stories that I tell is misleading!!! Should be fun to put this “NLP BS Detector” to the test!!!