Alien Underground Bases | Mysterious Library #51

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean return to the audio-visual wing of the Mysterious Library. This week they check out a thought-provoking documentary from Darcy Weir and Lee Lustig: THE UNDERGROUND. The film examines the controversial life of the late Phil Schneider. Phil made waves through the UFO and conspiracy research communities in the mid 1990s, when he toured America lecturing about an alleged underground alien base beneath Dulce, New Mexico. The story included Phil's own near lethal encounter with the ETs, as well as an elaborate tale about elite US military forces battling the invaders; who had long been living, like the "dero" of Shaver Mystery notoriety, deep beneath the Earth's surface. Much of his story echoed similar tales already presented by other UFO researchers. Most notable among Schneider's forerunners was the late Paul Bennewitz, who had spiraled into insanity following an elaborate psyop ran against him by agents of the AFOSI, and, some say, other intelligence agencies. Schneider also suffered a tragic fate. He died under strange circumstances in 1996. Some have suggested that the evidence points to him being "suicided" for revealing too much about the alien presence. Join your Mysterious Librarians as they travel into the labyrinth that is the Phil Schneider / underground alien base conspiracy yarn!