Alternative 3: Hoax or Truth? | Mysterious Library #59

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean travel through the catacombs of the Mysterious Library tonight, checking out the classic 70s British TV mockumentary ALTERNATIVE 3, from filmmakers David Ambrose & Christopher Miles; as well as the companion book of the same title by author Leslie Watkins. ALTERNATIVE 3 weaves a fictional conspiracy theory involving disappearing scientists, approaching climate disaster, and a secret space program / break away civilization that might just be mankind's only hope: Or at least the only hope of the elite group that plan to escape environmental armageddon by fleeing to off world colonies. But since its first broadcast, which panicked thousands of tricked viewers, many Ufologists and conspiracy researchers have insisted that the film is true: If not an actual documentary, it is at least a fictionalized presentation of a very similar conspiracy taking place behind the scenes in the real world. Is there anything to this seemingly paranoid interpretation?