An Encounters Traumatic Effect with Guest Rich Daniels | Monsters on the Edge #54

Like many in the Bigfoot Community, Rich’s journey in pursuit of the truth about
the phenomenon began with an incident that no one could explain. An encounter
in January of 2000 lay unresolved in his mind for five years until a chance viewing
of a Bigfoot documentary provided the insight into that experience.
Since 2005, Rich has worked to reveal answers to the many questions of the
Bigfoot Phenomenon. His journey has taken him from shocked witness, to
armchair enthusiast, to field researcher, and finally to citizen-scientist. Rich has
reviewed thousands and thousands of sighting reports, interviewed over seven
hundred witnesses, and ventured into areas of research few others ever have.
In 2016, Rich became aware of a connection between the traumatic aftereffects
reported to him by many Bigfoot witnesses and those reported by patients he
worked with as a mental/behavioral health paraprofessional. His twelve years of
experience in the mental/behavioral health field were put to a test when he
undertook a study to document those aftereffects in Bigfoot witnesses with a
case study that encompassed over four hundred witnesses interviewed, over
1200 hours of interview time, and three years of work.
Published in 2019, that study to this day remains unchallenged by anyone in the
Bigfoot Community and proposed a new mental health disorder: Paranormal
Encounter Syndrome, a condition of acute stress response approaching PTSD. In
his first-ever book “Footprints In The Mind: The Bigfoot Witness Experience”, Rich
breaks down what a traumatic Bigfoot encounter can be like from behind the eyes
of the witness.
Rich Daniels lives and works as an educator in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a
widower and has one daughter, a United States Army pilot in-training.

Rich’s Paper

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