Bama Beast: The Southern Sasquatch | Discover Sasquatch #13

Have you ever felt watched in the deep woods? Tonight, on Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch at 8pm est, we delve into the realm of the unknown with Greg Howse, a man who's not just a believer in Sasquatch but has had his own encounters with these elusive hairy men of the wood. Greg isn't your typical cryptid enthusiast. Living in the heart of Alabama, he's become a beacon for others who've had similar experiences. Greg will share his own chilling and awe-inspiring encounters with Sasquatch, detailing the sights, sounds, and emotions that come with a face-to-face encounter with the legend. We'll explore the realities of Sasquatch encounters. What should you do if you have one? How can you stay safe and collect evidence? If that's what you choose to do.
Greg has dedicated himself to helping others process and understand their own experiences. We'll learn about the support network he's built and the resources available for those who believe they've encountered Bigfoot.
Whether you're a skeptic or a full-fledged believer, awareness is extremely important. This episode is sure to spark your curiosity and leave you questioning what lurks in the shadows of the forest. Tune in and join us as we explore the world of Sasquatch with Greg Howse.