Before Flying Saucers there was the Shaver Mystery | Mysterious Library #12

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean venture into the "pulps" wing of the Mysterious Library, to dissect the controversial tale that lay the framework for much of modern UFO belief. Yes, we're talking about the "Shaver Mystery"; a series of allegedly true stories written by Richard Shaver and Raymond Palmer.

These tales blew up in the pages of the pulp magazine AMAZING STORIES in the mid 1940s. According to Shaver, he was receiving messages beamed into his head by an Antediluvian space-faring civilization, the remnants of which still lived in caverns beneath the surface of the earth.

There, these malevolent "Deros" used their advanced technologies to disrupt the lives of surface dwelling humans, and often kidnapped humans to the subterranean world below!

The Shaver Mystery would impact soon to emerge beliefs about flying saucers, as well as a wide range of other esoteric and pop culture motifs. All of which will be examined in this week's Mysterious Library!