Best Bigfoot Film of All Time? | Mysterious LIbrary #56

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean venture into the Bigfoot section of the Mysterious Library's AV wing tonight. They'll be chatting about the seminal 1972 Bigfoot docudrama from Charles B. Pierce: THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK Visit the film's official website here:

Filmed on location in Fouke, Arkansas, the film features startling re-enactments of locals' encounters with the Fouke Monster, often featuring the eye-witnesses playing themselves. Pierce began filming while the monster flap was still unfolding, and many reports were still fresh in the minds and nightmares of Fouke's terrorized residents. It's a unique time capsule, which launched many a moviegoers interest in Bigfoot, and cryptozoology. And its box office success spawned a series of sequels and knock-offs. But is it the greatest Bigfoot movie ever made? And do your Mysterious Librarians even agree?