Bigfoot and Dogman in Tennessee with Elijah Henderson | Talking Weird #96

Elijah Henderson is owner of the Cryptid Studies Institute. He is the host of the Youtube series NIGHTMARE NUGGETS OF CRYPTID TERROR, and has been engaged in the cryptid field since 2002.

Elijah enjoys active research in the field, and has been a public speaker since he was eleven years old. He has also appeared in multiple documentaries from Small Town Monsters.

Visit the Cryptid Studies Institute on Youtube here:

Elijah is one of our favourite guests, and returns to Talking Weird (although this is his first appearance since the show has moved to the Untold Radio Network), to talk about his research into both Bigfoot and Dogman, including the Beast of LBL case, and the legend of Werewolf springs story.

This is a fascinating and sometimes creepy episode! Do not miss it!