Bigfoot Encounters with Tex Wesson & Brandi Butcher | Talking Weird #93

Tex Wesson is a Bigfoot, Dogman, and paranormal experiencer and field researcher. He is creator and host of the Tex's Front Porch YouTube channel and podcast and has been featured as a speaker at numerous conferences and the Dogman Triangle documentary. Tex and his team have pulled together some of the best physical evidence in years.

Brandi Butcher is a woman of many talents, who has been experiencing the paranormal from a very young age. She has taken this as an opportunity to expand the horizons of not just herself but the world around her. She is half of the team known as Blondes and Boos Paranormal, as well as a field researcher and host as part of the Front Porch Team.

She can be seen taking on spirits or even charging headlong into notorious places such as The LBL and Brown Springs, Oklahoma, pistol on her hip, investigating cryptids. She is fast becoming well known in both fields as brave and level headed. She has witnessed Sasquatch and apparitions as well as demonic goings on. She has spoken at numerous conferences, has been featured on several documentaries, and can seen on the Blondes and Boos paranormal podcast and Tex's Front Porch. She spends her off time with her family doing the hardest job in the world...being a Mom

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Tex and Brandi visits with Talking Weird to chat about their own harrowing Bigfoot and paranormal encounters as well as the many cases that they have researched.

And this is Talking Weird, so get ready for some deep conversation about what Sasquatch may, or may not, be: A hairy hominid native of the American woods... an interdimensional visitor... or perhaps something even stranger?

This is a fantastic show, and one that you do not want to miss!