Bigfoot Healed Me! With guest Thom Cantrell | Monsters on the Edge #63

Thom is a 5th generation of the west. After spending 9 years in the US Navy, the majority of which was as a Missile Technician aboard a Polaris Submarine, Thom was discharged while living on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. He began college in Port Angeles, WA and finished his degree in Logging Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. During this time, he owned and operated a small logging company on the North and West ends of the Peninsula. It was sightings at this time that fanned the flames of interest that were kindled by the Jerry Crew Incident in Northern California in 1958 and eventually led to his current work. Being a mainstay in the Sasquatch Community, Thom’s findings have shaped current thoughts on Sasquatch and he has mentored many researchers in this field. He is a prolific writer and a popular speaker at many Sasquatch conferences in addition to having authored 13 books on Sasquatch, he has written many essays that are available to be read on his website, Thom and his work continue to inspire the community and he continues to attend as many conferences as he is physically able to attend in person.

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