Bigfoot & Marty with Ronnie Ferguson | Talking Weird #21

Ronnie Ferguson is an instructor in the English department at Northern Michigan University. He has presented his creative and scholarly work internationally. His creative work (often hybrid) spans the genres of poetry, music, film, theatre, and the visual arts. STREAKING IN TONGUES, the music project he shares with his son, has released several critically-acclaimed albums, most recently CHRISTMAS WITH BIGFOOT with two-time U.P. Poet Laureate Marty Achatz. ( )

He visits with Talking Weird to discuss his brand new documentary BIGFOOT AND MARTY. Set to screen at the 7th annual MidWest WeirdFest in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, taking place March 3-5, at the Micon Downtown Cinema.

BIGFOOT AND MARTY explores the work of two-time U.P. Poet Laureate and “Bigfoot poet,” Marty Achatz. The film features poetry readings by Achatz, as well as candid interviews with Bigfoot experts and other mystery hunters at the 2021 U.P. Bigfoot Conference, including well known personalities from the cryptozoological field like Ken Gerhard.