Bigfoot; Native Culture and Conservation with Todd Neiss | Bigfoot Influencers #26

Veteran researcher Todd Neiss joins this episode and has a fascinating conversation with Tim and Dana. They discuss Todd's first encounter in 1993 while on military training in Oregon and how it changed his life. Todd also dives into his collaboration with Native American and First Nation tribes and their beliefs regarding Bigfoot. One of the goals of his organization, The American Primate Conservancy is to establish protective status for the Bigfoot/Sasquatch.#Bigfoot, #Sasquatch, #Thebigfootinfluencers, #Monsterquest, #Bigfootsightings, #SasquatchsightingsKeep up with Todd:www.americanprimate.org us a message at: Untold Radio to see all the amazing shows: your book with Hangar 1: