Bigfoot Talk with Cliff Barackman | The Bigfoot Influencers #50

Tim and Dana have an amazing chat with Cliff Barackman. Museum curator, television personality, and dedicated researcher, Cliff has been studying the subject since 1994 and has traveled to 46 states and worldwide looking for answers to the Bigfoot Phenomenon. Tune in and hear possibly for the first time, early stories of Cliff's interest in the subject and how he was cast for Finding Bigfoot. In addition, Dana, Tim, and Cliff discuss the significance of witness accounts and documented footprints. Tune in and learn how you can get access to the research that the North American Bigfoot Center is involved with.Become a NABC member: Website of Cliff Barackman: and Beyond Podcast: in The Bigfoot Influencers book: The Bigfoot Influencers: