Bigfoot, UFOS, Ghosts, Oh MY! Guest Dewey Edwards | Monsters on the Edge #38

Dewey Edwards Born and raised in Robertson County Tennessee Married to childhood sweetheart Deloris for 52 years Three daughters, five grandchildren Paranormal Investigator and founder of Cryptids and Critters Paranormal, Researcher, and Author of 10 books Execution of Murder, Lights Out! Trials and Tribulations, Vigilante Justice, A Ridge Too Far, Something Wicked!, Ghostly Whispers, Season of the Critters, Eye in the Sky, and 12 o’clock High. He has ghost-written and published three other books as well.His hobbies include ghost hunting, cryptid and paranormal research and investigations, handguns, fishing, genealogy, old cemetery documentation & restoration, and writing historical newspaper and magazine articles.Dewey’s Books that play button, and let's unravel the mysteries of the UNTOLD! Remember to like, share, and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on all the latest discoveries and adventures. See you there!Join Barnaby Jones each Monday on the Untold Radio Network Live at 12pm Central – 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern. Come and Join the live discussion next week. Please subscribe.We have ten different Professional Podcasts on all the things you like. New favorite shows drop each day only on the UNTOLD RADIO NETWORKTo find out more about Barnaby Jones and his team, (Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society) visit their website