Bill Chalker: Australian UFO Crash Retrievals | Down South Anomalies #36

Bill Chalker is the Coordinator of the Sydney based UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC) & the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG). Author of "The OZ Files - the Australian UFO Story" (1996), "Hair of the Alien - DNA and other forensic evidence of alien abduction" (2005), and "UFO History Keys - Examining the UFO controversy from a historical perspective" (2011). Enquiries via or P.O. Box 42, West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2125, AUSTRALIA. In "HAIR of the ALIEN" (order via my primary focus is promoting a forensic scientific approach to examining the alien abduction controversy, concentrating on the DNA approach where compelling biological evidence is available. In consideration of the recent events in the USA concerning our UFO whistle blowers tales of a crash retrieval program concerning UFO's, Bill Chalker one of Australia's leading researchers takes a deep dive into the world of these stories down under. For more fascinating reading please go to Bills blog site