Bluff Creek's Sasquatch to UFOs in the L.A. Skies | Discover Sasquatch #19

In this episode of The Untold Network's Discover Sasquatch we welcome Brown Dwarf, an intrepid investigator that journeys to two locations with unexplained phenomena: Bluff Creek, California, a hotspot for Sasquatch sightings, and Los Angeles, a city with a long history of UFO encounters.

Bluff Creek
• We'll hear about the history of Bigfoot sightings in the area, including famous cases and eyewitness accounts.
• The investigator will delve into the unique geography and ecology of Bluff Creek, exploring how it might contribute to Sasquatch sightings.
• Listeners will hear about the challenges and techniques of field research for Sasquatch, from footprint casting to audio recording.

Los Angeles
• The podcast will explore the history of UFO sightings in Los Angeles, from the infamous Battle of Los Angeles to recent reports.
• The investigator will interview eyewitnesses who claim to have seen UFOs in the City of Angels.

Throughout the episode, Brown Dwarf will:
• Share his own experiences and insights from the field.
• Discuss the latest scientific theories that may explain these phenomena.
• Pose questions that will leave listeners pondering the mysteries of the unknown.
Is Bigfoot lurking in the woods of Bluff Creek? Are UFOs buzzing over the City of Angels? Tune into Discover Sasquatch at 8 p.m. EST on 5/20/24 to find out.