California Bigfoot & The Bluff Creek Project w/ Park Ranger Robert Leiterman | Untold Radio AM #192

Prepare to venture into the heart of Bigfoot territory with this week's captivating guest on Untold Radio AM! Former Park Ranger Robert Leiterman joins hosts Doug and Alex Hajicek to share his incredible journey of rediscovering the iconic Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site in Northern California's remote Bluff Creek.

As a key member of the Bluff Creek Project, Leiterman's tireless efforts helped unravel the mystery surrounding the exact location where the legendary Bigfoot footage was captured on October 20th, 1967. Despite the passage of time and the challenges posed by dense regrowth, Leiterman and his team persevered, piecing together historical clues and firsthand accounts from local patriarchs to pinpoint the elusive site.

In this riveting episode, Leiterman takes us behind the scenes of his groundbreaking research, sharing the triumphs and setbacks encountered along the way. From sifting through cherished theories to unearthing hidden landmarks, the Bluff Creek Project's journey stands as a testament to the power of determination and the allure of the unknown.

Whether you believe the Patterson-Gimlin film depicts a genuine Bigfoot or an elaborate hoax, the rediscovery of this iconic location is a fascinating tale that deserves to be told. Join us as we delve into the heart of Bigfoot lore and explore the enduring mystery that continues to captivate enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

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