EP 84 ─ Charles Kader – Paranormal Investigator and Historian

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Charles “Chaz” Kader is an investigator of the unknown who was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.

He is a member of the Mohawk Turtle Clan and lives on the St. Regis Native North American Reservation. It is a riverfront community on the St. Lawrence River where the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec meet.

Charles became aware of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film in 1975. He then began watching other films and television shows which has led to a lifelong interest in cryptid animals and paranormal events.

A self-admitted armchair researcher, he was introduced to a mutual friend in 1994 that began an investigation into a July 1966 eyewitness incident on the Presque Isle State Park. The investigation was based on in-person interviews with Pennsylvania employees, both active and retired, including some extended family members. The year-long effort lit a fuse with Kader.

He has investigated reports and interviewed eyewitnesses in Canada, in addition to New York, Vermont, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, and Pennsylvania.

Charles Kader is a freelance writer and voice actor with a finger on the pulse of historic storylines that still beat in the world around us, should we choose to see and look at them in a timeless sort of way.

He has appeared on podcast episodes with “The Haunted Sea,” hosted by the late, great Scott Mardis, as well as with Andy McGrath, the author of the Beasts of Britain, on his “Beastly Theories” podcast.

Charles lists the Coral Castle and Warm Mineral Springs as natural attractions in Florida as particularly noteworthy for connections to numerous other phenomena, including the lost continent of Atlantis location in the Gulf of Florida, as well as spiritual possession.

Charles will provide some updates on recent cases in New York and Pennsylvania, including shared reports by Paul Bartholomew of Whitehall, New York.

Charles is also reviewing the latest book by Stan Gordon, the author and investigator in Western Pennsylvania who famously researched the Chestnut Ridge UFO and Bigfoot flaps in the 1970s to the present and is an expert on the Kecksburg UFO case in Kecksberg, Pennsylvania.

One subject that Charles Kader would like to see in paranormal researcher etiquette is the respectful handling of Native North American customs and beliefs in sustainable ways to ensure continued access to what is often a closed subject or history. Indian graveyard tales galore is another way of saying that.