Coexisting With Sasquatch In The Deep South | Discover Sasquatch #6

Join us on a wild ride through the backwoods of Alabama with Flatrockwoodbooger, a man with a name as unique as his story. After buying a seemingly ordinary plot of land, Flatrock stumbles upon an unsettling truth: he's not the only resident. Strange sightings, otherworldly howls, and strange handprints that defy explanation point to one thing – Sasquatch.

This isn't your typical monster hunt. We'll dig into the truth alongside Flatrock, separating fact from fiction as he investigates these hairy encounters. We'll uncover chilling folklore and delve into the behaviors behind these elusive creatures. So, grab your flashlight and an open mind, and get ready for a thrilling exploration of the unknown. Has Flatrock stumbled upon a hidden world lurking in the shadows of Alabama? Tune in and find out at 8 pm EST on The Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch