Consciousness, Prayer & Healing with Debz Shakti | Talking Weird #48

Debz Shakti is a professional Quantum Hypnotherapist, and Open Channel, offering other professional PSI services, including Energy Alchemy, ET Contact & Paranormal Experience Counseling.She lovingly hosts a long-standing, local CE-5 Contact & Consciousness group, and is an active member of several international CE-5 Contact teams, leading retreats and researching the infinite nature of Consciousness.She is the Associate Producer of the top-rated documentary feature film, ALIEN ABDUCTION: ANSWERS. Her work as the Quantum Hypnotherapist, assisting John Yost, the filmmaker, as well as with all the Experiencers in the film is highly featured. She has many decades of professional service, working with such people, (and many others, seeking self-discovery and clarity about the nature of Consciousness).Debz Shakti was born with most of what she affectionately calls her "super powers" switched on, what others may call the PSI Gifts.She also cherishes a lifetime of daily (almost constant) contact with the various forms of Consciousness, including ETs, Inter-Dimensionals, Orbs, Celestials, Ultra-Terrestrials, and more. She has always perceived and been able to live/work multi-dimensionally. She channels the ultra-wise group entity known as the Star Teachers, as well as other highly advanced BE-ings, who say they are US, having evolved to a much higher, more positive and co-creative frequency.She works with all types of Energy Healing modalities, and is a lifelong Yogi and Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation, Mantra Teacher.Debz visits with Dean for a very special Talking Weird. John Yost - Talking Weird guest, alien experiencer, and award-winning filmmaker - is battling severe pancreatic cancer. The good news is there is a cure... but it is very expensive!We can all help save John's life by donating whatever we can spare here:'t miss this very important Talking Weird!