EP 81 ─ Dan A. Nedrelo – Biologist Who Researches Bigfoot

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I was the five-year-old with a green frog tadpole instead of a goldfish. In 5th grade, I got my first snakes, and Mrs. Weber said the word Abominable Snowman and I was hooked. That was 67, and the Patterson film was in the newspaper.

Two years later, at a church camp in northern Wisconsin, I heard some loud hissing from something at the lake's edge that hid from all the lights.

After college (UW Stevens Point majoring in vertebrate zoology Wildlife biology)... I ended up as a zookeeper and volunteering for the Milwaukee Public Museum in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Long story short, I became a herpetologist working with the Nat Wildlife Federation, WI DNR, and an assessment survey biologist working for many entities: Dept of the Army, The Nature Conservancy, and DOT to name a few.

Busy already, I did speaking engagements for schools, universities, organizations, and wildlife photography all over the USA and in Australia, Tasmania, Costa Rica, and Hispaniola. My focus was reptiles, mainly rattlesnakes, and the commercial take on river turtles. My work has been published in over 100 publications.

My free time was spent studying sasquatch reports and ended up with the BFRO for four years, 2000 to 2004. I became independent after four years off and ... currently doing fieldwork, learning more through the kindness of networking.