Dead Alien Bodies with Wayne Clingman | Talking Weird #56

Wayne Clingman is a longtime fan of history, both the kind they teach in school and the history “they” want kept hidden. Wayne lives in a 115 year old haunted home in Racine, Wisconsin, with his wife, Barb, four Alaskan Malamutes, and a Cat that controls his life. He is the producer of the film MILWAUKEE MAFIA: FRANK BALISTRIERI Milwaukee Mafia.He is also the author of several books including: UFO CULTS: WATCH THE SKIESVisit Wayne's Amazon author page here: Wayne joins Dean on Talking Weird to chat about the recent "mummified" alien bodies story out of Mexico. And more to the point, they'll both be putting this latest fiasco into the context of a long history - of alleged alien bodies, and other extraterrestrial relics - that underpins much of modern UFO belief.Expect a lively and insightful conversation that winds its way through the strange and twisting corridors of Ufological history!