Death Trippin' with Jackie Dent | Down South Anomalies #28

Jackie Dent is a journalist who has worked for major media outlets including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Reuters, The New York Times, and others. Her career has included stints with the United Nations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Ossetia and South Sudan. She has also produced radio for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and curated talks for Tedx Sydney, the Ethics Centre and Clear Spot Club. She lives in Sydney. Dissection might not be a normal topic to contemplate but when both your paternal grandparents donate their bodies to science it does intermittently cross your mind. This is the story of how Jackie Dent’s grandparents Ruby and Julie gave their bodies to science when they died. No one in her family seems to know why, or what really happened with their bodies afterwards. Were they avid science buffs? Was it to save on cremation costs? How do scientists tackle the practicalities and ethics of cutting up the dead for research? And who are body donors generally?Weaving the personal with the history of anatomy and the dissected, Jackie Dent explores the world of whole-body donation all the while looking for answers as to what happened to her grandparents.Book for sale at