Do Thylacines still roam free? | Monsters on the Edge #22

Terry Cullen is the founder and director of The Cullen Vivarium, and Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy, ( senior member of the IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group and eight of the subgroups. Terry is also a member of Species Survival Commission, Crocodile DNA Group, American Society of Herpetologists and Icthyologists, and Mabuwia Foundarion for conservation of Philippine crocodiles. Founder of Chinese alligator project, Conceptualizer and efectuater of the AZA Crocodilian School. First person to ever establish a fund raising program for crocodilian conservation. CycluraCreated first conservation program for the critically endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi)Rediscovered the crested toad (Bufo lemur) In 1963. Thought to be extinct since the 1920'sRediscovered the Jamaican rock iguana (Cyclura collei) in 1983. Thought to be extinct since the 1920'sPast chairman of the Gharial survival group (USA)Terry joins the show this week to discuss the possibility of wild Thylacines (Tasmanian Tigers) and the ongoing research the surrounds them.Click that play button, and let's unravel the mysteries of the UNTOLD! Remember to like, share, and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on all the latest discoveries and adventures. See you there!Join Barnaby Jones each Monday on the Untold Radio Network Live at 12pm Central – 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern. Come and Join the live discussion next week. Please subscribe.We have ten different Professional Podcasts on all the things you like. New favorite shows drop each day only on the UNTOLD RADIO NETWORKTo find out more about Barnaby Jones and his team, (Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society) visit their website