Dogman: Legacy of the Beast | Discover Sasquatch #16

Have you ever felt a primal fear course through you, the kind that makes the hair on your neck stand on end? For countless individuals, that terror comes with the chilling legend of the Dogman – a hulking bipedal creature said to stalk the fringes of our world. Today, we delve into the shadowy realm of Dogman with Vic Cundiff, the host of the hit podcast "Dogman Encounters". Vic's journey began not with a personal encounter, but with a fascination. Intrigued by the whispers and reports of Dogman sightings, he decided to create a platform for those who had come face-to-face with the beast. "Dogman Encounters" quickly exploded, becoming a haven for eyewitnesses to share their chilling experiences.

Over the years, Vic has interviewed thousands of guests, each with their own bone-chilling tale. From campers spooked by bloodcurdling howls to hikers stalked by shadowy figures, the podcast paints a terrifying picture of a creature that may lurk just beyond our sight.

But "Dogman Encounters" is more than just a collection of scary stories. Vic approaches each encounter with a measured curiosity. He meticulously dissects witness accounts, searching for common threads and patterns that might shed light on the Dogman phenomenon.

Beyond the chills and thrills, Vic's podcast fosters a sense of community. Listeners who may have had their own unexplained encounters find solace in shared experiences. The show offers a platform for validation and a space to process these deeply unsettling events.

Whether you're a hardened skeptic or a true believer, "Dogman Encounters" is a captivating listen. It's a show that will leave you questioning what lurks in the shadows and pondering the age-old question: are we truly alone?
So, grab your flashlight and your favorite pillow, and join the "OG" on the Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch at 8 p.m. EST on 4/29/24. You might just find yourself questioning what goes bump in the night.