Don Schmitt - Roswell the In Depth Down Under Interview | Down South Anomalies #12

In 2019 Jay Katz with the assistance of Campbell Drummond interviewed UFO researcher Don Schmitt in his Sydney based warehouse that is the Mu-Meson Archives.
In the wake of the death of Stanton Friedman Don Schmitt has become the worlds leading authority on The Roswell Case.
This incident has been denied, dismissed and debunked profusely by what Stanton Freidman termed the noisy negativist. Nine times out of ten these individuals remain keyboard theorists without spending a Nano second in the field conducting one on one personal interviews. Don Schmitt approached this case from a detectives perspective and as a sceptic. It was the totality of 1st and 2nd hand witnesses ranging from four star Generals to common country folk that pushed him over the edge into the realisation that this was a significant anomalous event.
Well over 3 decades later Don is more determined than ever to make sure that Roswell is taken seriously and afforded its importance in modern day Ufological history.
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