Drumming For Bigfoot with Henry Franzoni | The Bigfoot Influencers #32

Dana and Tim have and amazing conversation with the legendary Henry Franzoni! They discuss his first encounter, the early researchers, and the native theories on the subject of Bigfoot. Henry also gives us a sneak peak into his upcoming book! Hear about how the Bigfoot subject first made it to the world wide web!#Bigfoot, #Sasquatch, #Thebigfootinflueners, #Monsterquest, #Bigfootsightings, #Sasquatchsightings🌟 Help Make The Groundbreaking Scientific Bigfoot Documentary Sequel a Reality.Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science II-A New 3-hour Film-That Will Be the Best Documentary on the Sasquatch Subject Ever!From MonsterQuest Producer – Doug Hajicek, who also produced the original Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science Doc in 2001.Back the Documentary Here:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hajicek/legend-meets-science-ii-film-sequel-a-bigfoot-documentaryThe Bigfoot Influencers:https://thebigfootinfluencers.com/Untold Radio AM:https://untoldradioam.com/In the Spirit of Seatco: Sasquatch, Indians, Geography, and Science in the Nineteenth Century:https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Seatco-Sasquatch-Geography-Nineteenth-ebook/dp/B01HSJ8CXMDrumming for Bigfoot:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VPdOq7x8uM