Eastern Bigfoots By the Numbers and Facts with Steve Kulls | Untold Radio AM #190

Join us for an eye-opening episode of Untold Radio AM as we dive deep into the fascinating world of Bigfoot with our special guest, Steve Kulls, a licensed private investigator from New York. With a lifelong passion for unraveling the mysteries surrounding Sasquatch, Steve brings his unique perspective and extensive experience to the table.

In this episode, Steve shares his journey from being captivated by the Bigfoot phenomenon at a young age to becoming a dedicated researcher and investigator. He reveals how his initial belief that sightings were limited to the Pacific Northwest was shattered when he discovered numerous reports close to his home in upstate New York.

Steve's relentless pursuit of the truth has led him to expose hoaxes, such as the infamous Sonoma video and the "Georgia Bigfoot Body" incident. He also sheds light on his methodology, emphasizing the importance of "boots on the ground" evidence gathering.

Prepare to be intrigued as Steve delves into the numbers and facts surrounding Eastern Bigfoot sightings, painting a vivid picture of the cryptid's presence in the region. His wealth of knowledge and analytical approach will leave you questioning what you thought you knew about Sasquatch.

Don't miss this riveting episode of Untold Radio AM, where Doug Hajicek and Alex Hajicek, along with Steve Kulls, take you on a journey through the untold stories and compelling evidence surrounding Bigfoot in the eastern United States. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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