Ed and Lorraine Warren Controversy with Edd Schultz | Talking Weird #67

Edd Schultz worked as an exorcist alongside the late Ed and Lorraine Warren. The legacy of the Warrens - whose cases are the basis for such well known films as THE CONJURING series - is becoming an increasingly controversial one. Edd visits with Talking Weird to chat about his personal and professional experiences with the famous ghost hunting couple.Edd has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a Master's degree in Theology, specializing in Psychology of Religion. He is also a graduate of the Silva Method of psychic development.In the 1970s he lectured extensively on the Church and the Occult, in response to the “Occult Explosion” of interest in all things paranormal. During this time he became co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for Christian Psychic Research, an educational organization designed to bring a Christian interpretation to the study of parapsychology and the paranormal. It was during this time that he worked briefly for world famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, aiding in investigations and performing exorcisms. He was also nicknamed “The Psychic Priest” by a radio talk show host because of his experiments in remote viewing and intuitive diagnosis.After his retirement from the ministry, Edd became a Certified Hypnotherapist. He has also authored numerous books on various subjects, including BE STILL AND KNOW: A Practical Guide to Christian Meditation, and his latest project, a sort of autobiography entitled THE CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHIC PRIEST, which he hopes to finish by the end of this year.This is a revealing and insightful episode with one of the show's most popular regular guests. Do not miss it!