How to Become a Movie Producer: Several Special Guests | Untold Radio AM #102

Show will premiere LIVE on August 24th, at 7 PM (Central Standard Time)

1. Panthera Britannia and Cat Hunters: The Search for the Beast of Exmoor

Today we have on the Co-founders of the Fortean Film Festival Matt Everett and Tim "Mothman" Whittard

Matt Everett is an award-winning film director and video editor from London.

He has over 150 international broadcast credits to his name and has worked globally in various production roles. He is one the co-founders of the Fortean Film Festival.

Tim "Mothman" Whittard

Tim Whittard is an award-nominated journalist, author, and film producer.

He is also a member of the 'International Alliance of Paranormal Investigators' and the CFZ. "Mothman" debuted as a researcher and producer on the hit documentary film 'Britain's Big Cat Mystery'. He is a regular contributor to the 'Daily Sport' newspaper in the UK and 'Higgypop Paranormal'.

2. St. Baptistes

Director John Williams

Film Synopsis: A comedic mockumentary about a radical evangelist church in the north of England.

3. Fact or Fiction? The Norfolk Sea Creature

Director Jordan Thomas Sendall and Writer Kyle Ball

For years strange sightings of an unidentified creature have been reported on the East Norfolk coastline. FACT OR FICTION? investigates these sightings and showcases the stories of those who have encountered it along the coast.

4. Strange Waters

Rowena Amos Producer and Writer

Film Synopsis: Four strangers. A remote fort out at sea. A private party with an absent host. The tale of four soldiers who jumped to their death. Was it the isolation or some thing else? Will the fort claim it’s next victims or can they all survive until morning?

5. Tea with the Reaper

Producer Jamie Cymbal

Film Synopsis: An amateur ghost hunter opens the door to the other side to welcome his daughter back, but when the dead wreak havoc in the village... the Reaper comes knocking.

A Horror comedy.

6. James Koppert is a Fortean jury member and paranormal investigator

His podcast was featured in Player FM's list of the 'Best Fortean Podcasts' of 2021.

He is also a member of the 'Yorkshire Coast Paranormal Investigations team, which investigates reputed hauntings and reports of other paranormal weirdness in the north of England.