EP98 The Crawler Phenomenon and the Witnesses That See Them - Nathaniel Brislin

Show will premiere LIVE on July 27th, 2022 at 7 PM (CST) 

Nate was born and raised in the forests of the state of Maine and has had an interest in bizarre and unknown happenings from a young age.

After having his own personal experiences, he decided to delve in further and became a researcher of these anomalous occurrences commencing fieldwork within the studies of UFO analysis, cryptozoology, and occult and paranormal phenomena.

Nate is an artist, writer, and filmmaker who has put out two documentaries: Pine State Phantoms (2019) and Eyes from the Pines: The Pine Ape Project (2021).

He is also the founder and administrator of the Association of Cryptozoological Fieldwork & Analysis which has amassed over 4,000 members worldwide since its creation in 2018.