EP 3 – Bill Munns – 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Footage Breakdown

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Bill is a genius special effects engineer who has built many movie creatures costumes and hominid replicas and super-realistic primate models for museums and movies.

He is also a robotics expert, a film and camera expert, with abundant hands-on experience with 16mm film and the technologies of the 1960s... A decade ago, he began his long journey to debunk or validate the 1967 Roger Patterson/Gimlin film footage.

In the process, he assembled the most comprehensive film image archive in the world, not only of various copies of the PGF but also all related footage filmed by researchers trying to analyze or replicate the film.

This remarkable archive of image data allowed him to determine things no a prior researcher could identify. His conclusions are reliable and backed by real science. His descriptions of the ape suit and creature costume technology, as it existed in 1967, are meticulous and enlightening.

The many paces he has put this footage through is fantastic. No one is better equipped to explain the truth of what we see in this remarkable film. On Oct 14th, prepare to be blown away by hard facts with the one and only Bill Munns. Author of the Book "When Roger Met Patty."

Interview with Surviving Witness Bob Gimlin


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