EP 39 – Jim Myers – Sasquatch Outpost Founder and Sasquatch Researcher

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For the past nine years, Jim Myers has been an avid Sasquatch researcher and public speaker on all things related to the Forest People.

He and his wife Daphne built the Sasquatch Outpost nine years ago with the goal of becoming “Sasquatch Central” for the Western U.S. The Outpost houses both a gift shop (where you can buy virtually anything you can imagine related to Bigfoot), and the Sasquatch Encounter museum, built with the goal in mind to help educate the public about the existence and behavior of these elusive creatures.

Far from being an “armchair expert” on this topic, Jim tries to spend as much time as possible in the forests and mountains of Colorado, where he has gained a great deal of experience and accumulated data over the years.

Jim is a firm believer that Sasquatch is a highly intelligent hominin, possessing both a complex language and a true culture. Jim and his wife Daphne make their home in the town of Bailey, Colorado, in the Front Range of the Rockies.