EP 4 – Dr. Lynn Rogers – The Man Who Walks With Bears

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 Dr. Lynn Rogers is known as the Jane Goodall of bears. He is the founder of the North American Bear Center. Link: https://bear.org/ 
He teaches a yearly black bear field study course for the Wildlife Research Institute. Rogers has become famous for his working methods. He forms trusting relationships with wild black bears, spending 24-hour periods walking and resting with them, initially alerting them to his presence with a call of "It's me bear." 
He has been the subject of several documentaries, including "The Man who walks with Bears" Produced By Doug Hajicek for Tremendous Entertainment and Animal Planet.
For 15 years, Rogers' research has centered on the 200 or so bears between Ely and Tower, Minnesota at Eagle's Nest Township. He has placed video cameras in bears' dens and tracked bears with radio collars.
Dr. Lynn Rogers' latest "Bear Cam" captured the first birth of wild bear cubs along with the audio that was shared with a worldwide audience. Lynn will share the UNTOLD stories of his unique out of the box research work with black bears.