EP 45 – Bob Mussell – Rock Photographer

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Bob Mussell has done photography for some of the biggest Rock Bands in the business. Bob began when he was 15 years old when he traded his 6 string guitar for a 35mm SLR camera.

Bob found his niche for shooting bands live in concert soon after that. Like many other freelance artists with a growing family, he worked two jobs. All that changed in 1993 when the 2nd job he had closed its doors. From that point on, Bob got an agent and also partnered with a western New York music magazine called Rock Star Magazine. Bob worked as House Photographer for Buffalo, NY's War Memorial Auditorium (The Aud) from 1995 - Covid and Darien Lake 6 Flags Amphitheater. Both the Aud and 6Flags changed names many times.

"Before you know it, I was spending my days on tour bus's, in Hotel Rooms, and on airplanes with some of the biggest Rock Bands in the business."

Bob had to slow way down in 2009 due to illness which got more complicated in 2012. From 2012 until the present, Bob has been retired. He works light-duty, sometimes touring with old friends that he has made along his way.