EP 49 – Carlos Jiménez – Anthropologist Who Studies the Sasquatch Mystery

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For my brand, the Chronicles of Carlos, I investigate, create, and share mainstream educational content, extraordinary Bigfoot encounters and other mysteries, mythologies, and legends of the unknown, and examine and discuss the scientific methods and principles corroborating our stories. My platforms are for a very large audience of those curious about Bigfoot as well as the Bigfoot knowers, believers, and skeptics. My goal is to share knowledge, stories, evidence, etc., and for my audience to share their ideas, thoughts, and encounter stories with all of us.

My hope and intent are for these platforms to bring people from all parts of the audience spectrum around the world together to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Bigfoot and other cryptic hominoids and anthropomorphic creatures. I have done (and am available for) speaking engagements, podcasts, interviews, guided excursions, investigations, and all varieties of content creation related to my areas of expertise. I never tire of teaching, sharing, and learning when it comes to Nature’s mysteries!

My educational background is in the Sciences. I earned a B.A. in Anthropology at Pomona College under Dr. James McKenna, and I finished the Masters/PhD program that I started at Washington State University under Dr. Grover Krantz with an M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Wyoming under Dr. George Gill. My graduation project at Pomona-– where I also founded the Cryptozoology Club and was a member of the International Society of Cryptozoology, was on the existence of Bigfoot. At Wazzu, my unpublished thesis was about Gigantopithecines (very large, fossilized Asian apes that lived around 2.6 million years ago until very recent times) and their hypothetical, ancestral connection to Bigfoot. During my time at Wazzu, I was involved in giving Bigfoot presentations at the university and also at Sasquatch Days in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada.

My career background has mostly been as an entrepreneur, leader, teacher, and coach. I have worked as an Anthropology (Biological, Archeological, Cultural, and Linguistic) teaching assistant at the university level and as a middle and high school STEM/ STEAM teacher (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). I have coached Olympic and collegiate swimmers and divers all the way down to high school and middle school athletics teams. I have loved instructing athletes of all levels-- from beginners to the elite. One notable entrepreneurial venture was a retail and social business called “Bigfoot’s Lair” where I hosted gaming leagues, a trading market, and tournaments for collectible trading card games and video games.

For this campaign, I look forward to re-introducing myself and the Chronicles of Carlos brand to the world audience and to telling the stories of Kirk Stewart whose many encounters with Sasquatch over his lifetime living off-the-grid in the Pacific Northwest are captivating as well as compelling. Several of Kirk’s encounters were written about in David Paulides’ book, “ Tribal Bigfoot.” Kirk has encountered these beings playing, found their footprints, hair, and wooden structures, heard their cries and listened to them communicate in their jibber-jabber language, smelled them, and even had one bluff charge him and two hunting companions-- it ran right over the top of him! For this campaign, Kirk has agreed to take us up to the even more remote area where something left all of his provisions but took his gun, moved it some distance away, and buried it!

This campaign is extremely important to me as I have wanted to create a documentary to discuss the details and share the evidence of my encounters for years now. Over my lifetime I have met many people who have had similar encounters to-- and some quite different from-- my own, and I am excited to tell their stories, too. I hadn’t considered hosting a docu-series before meeting my Director, Chris Narrie, but now I am convinced that this is a much better way to not only share my own Sasquatch encounter stories but also to share the encounters of others that I have met along my lifelong journey into learning more about the Sasquatch people. Your contributions will make this dream a reality and help to give me the means to be in a position, with the help of others like myself, to create content that pushes the thoughtful conversation forward and helps to disclose of one of the greatest mysteries of all time: the reality of our co-existence with the Sasquatch people of the world-- which many still do not know or even believe exist.

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