EP 53 – Robert Kryder – Tactical Cryptid Researcher, Adventurer, and Explorer Specializing in Research and Recovery Projects of Various Forms

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Robert Kryder is Currently living in New Mexico, USA. He has spent most of his life in the Southwest regions of the country as an adventurer/ explorer specializing in research and recovery projects of various forms, including ancient treasures & mines, above and below ground megalithic sites, gems & minerals, dinosaurs & forensic evidence of cryptids. Robert also specializes in various technologies like subsurface imaging, with his services being utilized by private, academic, and law enforcement agencies. This includes scanning the largest murder gravesite in the country for the APD in Alb, NM in 2013 and using his scanning and expertise in 2008 to push forth and work with the USFS and Department of Agriculture to create the first-ever "Treasure Trove Recovery" permits. His ability, methods, and approach have made him a valued resource for Universities and academics working on the fringe sciences. Eventually cooperating on Bigfoot research studies at the request of Oxford University London, the Museum of Zoology Luzzane Switzerland, and the University of New Mexico Gallup, NM where he presented the results of a yearlong Bigfoot field study conducted for the University to the faculty and public. Robert is also a designer and builder of custom equipment specially suited for tactical ops and paranormal research.

Since childhood, Robert Kryder has had a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world, all living creatures, and its hidden wonders. And since birth, a circumstantial relationship with the supernatural. At a very young age he was already frustrated with seeing evidence of creatures and histories that he expected to learn about as he grew older, not being taught in schools and even being scoffed at by academics as the years progressed. Feeing that his "want and need" to know had been pushed aside and so many wonders yet to be realized were being stolen from him, he began an early quest to find these truths for himself. And to attempt to battle this effort to hide these wonders and truths from all of us by laying what he finds on the table for all to see. His gained expertise has resulted both in his great value and respect by the scientific community and as well made him a direct threat to the establishment who serve to color what people see of that science. His ongoing yearning to know and having the feeling that things have been and were being hidden from us, only made his powers of observation and association more astute and his mind more aware. This being so, details often overlooked by others became his personal clues to a larger reality, bread crumbs on a trail to truths of great importance and unfathomable significance. All this did not come without consequences however with Kryder having witnessed UFO's+ since 11 mo. old, had is back broken by a ghost at 14yrs old, was almost killed in a stone deathtrap at 30 yrs old, nuked by a chrome ball in the sky at age 32, and injured by a rock thrown by a young Bigfoot during the UNM study at 49. As well as numerous gunfights with unknowns on digs at night, playing black bag tag, and having a dig site raided by government agencies in National Guard Helicopters.

Kryder gained immense experience in the extreme deserts and mountains of the southwest with his early 100mi per a week on foot average. Which, over the years, yielded in finds of great historical and legendary importance. Such as discovering Coronado's legendary lost winter home and mines in Az in 1988 along with the secret yet actual* route they took east to the white mountains. Lost mines that referred to in Apache legend as the Golden Tear Drops... In 2004 he discovered the lost city of Hopi Legend called Kuskurza, or "3 Steps", according to their prophecy. In 2005 the lost mines of Taos, 2007 Spanish mines and treasure trove(s) south of Santa Fe, NM, and in 2010 the infamous lost gold mines of Montezuma, The Don Peralta, Gonzales, and possibly King Solomon. Robert became fluent in a coded script used throughout the world. After decades of research, discovered a geometric template that, when used with coded symbols and stone monuments, reveals the locations of ancient sites sought after by others, some for thousands of years. Excavation and examination of some of these located sites have yielded finds of international historical importance and point to entire missing epoch(s) of North American and world history.

Over the decades spent in the most remote and rugged terrain offered by the Southwest USA, Robert and his team(s) experienced many "hi-strange" occurrences and encountered Bigfoot subjects many times. In 2010, with the advent of youtube, he again became frustrated with the supposition, rumor, and misconceptions surrounding the reality of the Bigfoot species. He again noted the whole disinformation campaign and the people making great steps to keep the public from the truth. So, the decision was made to go public with the first video of a Bigfoot Robert was able to capture in 1995 and to then focus his/ KX efforts toward cracking the lid on the Bigfoot enigma and laying it out on the table for all to see.

The years and research efforts have culminated in a time where KX, short for Kryder Exploration, has not only been on the forefront of understanding through fieldwork, and assisting the top of the top regarding the Bigfoot species, but has been a primary target for the powers at be and their constant efforts to block, stall and exploit the truth with false interpretations. Not only has the USFS closed entire forests because of KX findings, even Network News special investigations and a State Senator attempted to slander Robert's name and go so far to create law to prevent KX future studies. By now, It has become hia and KX's fight to reveal the "truths of the species" and to wake up the "cult of Bigfoot" crowd to the disinformation and counter-disinformation tactics and operatives.

Mr. Kryder has been featured on various news broadcasts, and radio shows, including Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert, Crypto Reality, Night Callers Radio, MN.B.R.T Radio and others. He has had over a dozen TV show offers to date, but his refusal to play a scripted part and to create docu-drama type productions has prevented interests in cooperation.

KX - Kryder Exploration, founded by Robert Kryder, has existed as an LLC since 2007 and as a private research Group since 1998.

The LLC is a custom Research and Recovery company. Featuring services: Surface Surveys/Mapping, Code Breakdown, Subsurface Imaging 100' Deep 3D, Excavation, Archaeology, Recovery, Tracking, First Response/Investigation, Research/Location. Recoveries Include Biologic physical, and trace evidence of Bigfoot, Lost Cities, Ancient Advanced Technology, Treasure, Meteorites, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Gem, and Mineral.

Robert Kryder / Kryder Exploration have various disclosure platforms established:


Several books on Bigfoot and other explorations are now in the works by Mr. Kryder, with first releases hopefully in the very near future.