EP 6 – David Ellis – Olympic Project and Bio-acoustics Analysis

Listen to "untold radio AM: Bigfoot Researcher David Ellis "The Sounds Of Bigfoot"" on Spreaker.

David Ellis was born and currently lives in Washington State. He got his BA degree from the University of Washington in 1974. He is married with children. Now retired, David lives in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

Ellis has followed the Bigfoot Phenomenon since 1963. He took his interest in Bigfoot to the field in 2006. Where he joined the Olympic Project with Derek Randles in 2010. His focus gravitated him towards a documentation focus of study.

Later, he learned and taught track casting methods. Ellis also taught himself to record and edit field recordings. This analysis led him to collect hundreds of suspicious audio vocalizations clips.

To date, he's reviewed 1,000's of hours of audio using Bio-acoustics methods of analysis.

Infrasound Recording