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The author resides in Victoria, Australia. He has a Diploma of Education Primary/Elementary Teaching), Swinburne University, Melbourne, 2015 and a Bachelor of Arts w/ 1st Class Honours, Philosophy, Latrobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne, 2003. Private Language Tutor of Irish and Scots Gaelic, 2001 – 2016. Full-time Nurseryman and Grafter, JFT Wholesale Tree Nurseries, Monbulk, VIC, 2004-2010. Author of Speculative Fiction Novels: Dead Stars and Dark Womb of the Grave. 2010 – 2012, Available on Amazon until 2015. Relief/Substitute Primary/Elementary Teacher, 2015 – 2019. Fluent speaker of Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Insatiable preoccupation with Comparative Linguistics, Philosophy, Folklore, Religious Studies and all research into the Paranormal. 

The Children of Orion: Finding the Cryptoterrestrials

From Elves to ETs to Us

The first portion of the book is an investigation into the Cryptoterrestrials (CTs). I use the word as defined by Mac Tonnies: They are a hypothetical sister race to us of Earthly origin - albeit possibly space-faring.  I agree with Tonnies that the CTs are a long-term presence here on Earth. I cite the close similarities between the folk beliefs of Gaelic Scotland and Ireland in relation to the Sidhe (tall fair, subterranean, whistling beings) and the alleged Tall White ET encounters of Charles Hall (also tall, fair, subterranean, chirping, beings), offering this as strong evidence through history for a continuum of experience with identical beings. Through subsequent chapters, I posit that these Tall White Cryptoterrestrials are the same 'people' as those encountered also by Antonio Villas Boas, Peter Khoury, the Day family (Aveley Abduction), Kelly Cahill, through to Christopher Bledsoe Sr. I track the CTs through the various cases by identifying particular characteristics of appearance, behavioral patterns, habitation, technologies and language (which I call the 'CT-List’). Each new case

in turn serves to inform this growing ‘List’ of potential traits, preparing the way to consider other historical paranormal/ET cases in which the beings’ behavior and appearances may be less obviously identifiable. A key example feature identified on the List is a piece of technology I call the Boas Suit (named after the case that registers the first instance of it). It would appear to be a cloaking outfit with glowing red eyes used by the CTs in covert operations. And it is integral to helping us locate other CT cases.

The conclusion I come to from the mounting evidence in this first part is that these tall, fair CTs with large, blue eyes are likely future versions of ourselves from Orion’s Belt that have nevertheless returned to Earth and re-entered our own past; and are now entrenched here as a sister race to us; below our own oceans and under our own feet. They require access to our DNA from time to time to augment their own failing genomes, and they are not going anywhere.

Cheek to Jowl

Certain historical cases that are less obviously connected to the CTs are now considered, as I attempt to demonstrate that many of the phenomena described at Skinwalker Ranch and in the Mothman Prophecies are attributable to them. I postulate that much of this more ‘negative’ interaction between us and them as described in these accounts is due to the CTs making occasional attempts to repel or expel us from areas adjacent to their underground habitations. They have been ‘dealing’ with us for centuries, and certain tried and tested methods usually work for them in miniature ‘psy-war’ campaigns against us. These methods include telepathic fear-inspiring assaults; the use of what I call Transient Life Forms (TLFs), that are possible, solid, holographic, biological entities manufactured by them for intimidation (and called by us cryptids) and then annihilated by them also at their whim; poltergeist and Shadow People activity; aggressive orbs; and animal mutilation. I draw comparisons between the Skinwalker Ranch case and that of Chris Bledsoe – outlining the parallels and suggesting that the only real difference here is whether or not a person is on their good side. I argue that the case of Chris Bledsoe is an interestingly aberrant one in some respects, where evidence suggests the CTs are deliberately courting him for some kind of later disclosure - rather than obeying their usual protocols for clandestine behavior - and are using his own Christian belief system as a scaffolding to build meaningful interactions with him and with the people of the United States.

I go on to demonstrate the importance of the CT’s Telepath-Technology in their interactions with us – laying out the evidence from various cases that much training is required by them before they can successfully use the tech to hypnotize us, bedazzle us, instill fear and to guide us.

My Own Experiences

This relatively short segment contains a selection of my own interactions with the CTs over the years. In it I elucidate some of the reasoning behind my infatuation with our sister race.

My style in the first two parts involves the incorporation of direct quotes from eyewitnesses themselves, or failing that, from principal researchers. These quotes are then discussed. In doing this I try to remove paraphrase from the book as much as possible, so as to not leave my own 'fingerprints' on the data.

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