Experimenting With ITC With Austin Maynard | The Paranormal Spectrum #3

Welcome to Paranormal Spectrum, where we illuminate the enigmatic corners of the supernatural world. I'm your host, Barnaby Jones, and today we have a very special guest joining us:

Austin Maynard founded an organization called the Underground Paranormal Network; a network consisting of 7 relatively unknown historic locations (6 in Ohio, 1 in KY), equipment developers, Ghost Box builders, and innovative researchers that are working to advance the field.
He does a lot of promotional work for his sponsors, marketing, and building outside-the-box experimental equipment. He’s been experimenting with ITC since 2017, focusing on exploring new paths of communication using custom-built experimental audio/video communication devices, in addition to working with several researchers, builders and developers to continue pushing the boundaries further and keep moving forward with our understanding.
He currently serves as the official Tech Manager for the series "Death Walker" with Nick Groff, where he is responsible for the equipment and experiments that Nick uses on each episode.



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