Exploring Bradshaw Ranch with guest Ronald Meyer | The Paranormal Spectrum #11

Welcome to Paranormal Spectrum, where we illuminate the enigmatic corners of the supernatural world. I'm your host, Barnaby Jones, and today we have a very special guest joining us:

Ronald Meyer is a seasoned paranormal experiencer, with encounters ranging from out-of-body experiences and cryptid sightings to non-dual awakenings. He is the owner of Centre Communications, a film production company, and has produced and directed feature films in Hollywood. Ron also facilitates flow workshops and holds a 5th-degree black belt in Aikido. Recently, he produced "Becoming Evil," the number one streaming documentary series on Amazon Prime about serial killers. Additionally, he is a peer-reviewed published scientist with contributions to the fields of behavioral cybernetics and paleontology. He resides in Louisville, Colorado, with his wife.
In September 2023, Centre Communications premiered the feature film "The Mysteries of Bradshaw Ranch: Aliens, Portals, and the Paranormal" at a conference in Vernal, adjacent to Skinwalker Ranch. During the movie's production, the crew encountered intelligent alien entities and other paranormal phenomena. The film is slated for release in early 2024.
The book is available here:
The documentary is available here:

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