False Flag UFO Disclosure with Thomas M. Ferrario | Talking Weird #12

UFO researcher Thomas M. Ferrario visits with Talking Weird.
Ferrario, who heads the Ted Phillips Marley Woods Research Center, has recently appeared on a number of high profile shows including UFO WITNESS and COAST TO COAST AM. He chats with Dean and Jenn about the backstory of the episodes of UFO WITNESS in which he appeared with Ben Hansen & Melissa Tittl at Marley Woods.
He also goes into more depth on the false flag scenario he spoke about with George Knapp on Coast to Coast.
Thomas has also decided that the timing is right to discuss the religious aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Indeed, because of current World events, he believes it is now imperative that this information be brought to light.
This is an important episode of Talking Weird that you do not want to miss!