Fight-Flight: Dealing With Anxiety and Fear (Part 6) | Grasping Sasquatch #6

YES, THIS IS A SASQUATCH RESEARCH SHOW!!! OUR FOCUS HAS BEEN SELF-HELP FOR PREPARING YOURSELF FOR A "CLASS A" SASQUATCH ENCOUNTER.” AFTER THIS 6TH INSTALLMENT ON THIS TOPIC, I WILL BE SHIFTING THE FOCUS ONTO A NEW TOPIC IN EPISODE 7. ALTHOUGH I WILL BE RETURNING TO FIGHT/FLIGHT REPROGRAMMING IN THE FUTURE, I WANT TO ADD VARIETY TO THE SHOW THROUGH AN EXCITING, NEW AND LESS LENGTHY TOPIC!! VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE … AND SASQUATCH!!In this, the 6th Episode of this Series, I will tell yet another Flight/Flight/Freeze story. I will then Briefly Summarize Episodes 1-5 to allow the viewer to clarify and consolidate information learned through those shows. Please come with questions to ask to review or better understand information learned based on those episodes!! The amount of time I spend on any one topic will be determined by your questions on that topic. THIS IS THE VIEWERS CHANCE TO CREATE THEIR OWN “GRASPING SASQUATCH” EPISODE!!!If Topic Specific Questions do not occupy a lot of time, we will then have a “Free for All” Question and Answer Period, where I will Attempt to Answer ANY Sasquatch Question, Even Those Not Covered on My Show!! I’m Leaving Show Content Up to You, the Viewer!!! No, I am NOT Unprepared or Being Lazy! I Will Have Information to Tease Regarding Episode 7 Should You Not Wish to Get Your Questions Answered!! I am Simply Trying to Meet Your Needs Regarding Fight/Flight Reprogramming and Other Pressing Sasquatch Issues!!!! I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!