Fight/Flight: Dealing With Anxiety/Fear (Part 1) | Grasping Sasquatch #1

After introductory comments, I will tell two Fight/Flight stories. One will be taken directly from my book "Psychological Horizons In Scientific Bigfoot Research" (pp. 102-104; soon to be republished with updates and QRL codes, under its' new title "Grasping Sasquatch" by Hanger 1 Publishing Company) while the second story will be from a Personal Communication. We will then focus on the underlying physical and scientific aspects of Fight/Flight.THIS IS A "MUST SEE" SHOW FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN HAVING A "CLASS A" ENCOUNTER (OR HAVING ALREADY HAD ONE) OR JUST LOOKING TO IMPROVE THEIR COPING SKILLS WITH ANXIETY/FEAR! IT WILL SERVE AS THE FOUNDATION FOR MY NEXT SHOW (FIGHT/FLIGHT PART 2) IN WHICH WE WILL DISCUSS SPECIFIC COPING SKILLS FOR ANXIETY/FEAR. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.