Fight/Flight - Dealing With Anxiety/Fear (Part 4) | Grasping Sasquatch #4

YES, THIS IS A SASQUATCH RESEARCH SHOW!!! OUR CURRENT FOCUS, HOWEVER, IS SELF-HELP FOR PREPARING YOURSELF FOR AN ENCOUNTER OR TO BETTER COPE WITH ONE YOU'VE ALREADY HAD!!In this, the 4th Episode of this Series, I will Continue to Explore/Briefly Demonstrate the Necessary Techniques to Begin to Reprogram Your Fight/Flight Reaction in Preparation For a "Class A" Sasquatch Encounter!! After Telling another Fight/Flight Story, I will offer you Progressive Relaxation as a Basic Relaxation Skill Necessary to Reprogram Your Fight/Flight Response!!! Questions (typed in all CAPS) related to each Technique will be Answered after each Brief Demonstration. We will then move on to Guided Imagery Techniques as Simple Reprogramming Techniques. General Questions (typed in all CAPS) will be Answered Toward the End of the Show. Time allowing, I will Preview the Techniques to be Discussed/Briefly Demonstrated in Part 5 of this Series!IF YOU HAVE BEEN ATTENDING MY PREVIOUS SHOWS IN THE HOPES OF LEARNING SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES TO REPROGRAM YOUR FIGHT/FLIGHT RESPONSE IN PREPARATION FOR A "CLASS A" SASQUATCH ENCOUNTER; OR TO GET OVER TRAUMA FROM SUCH AN ENCOUNTER; THIS IS THE SHOW YOU'VE BEEN WATING FOR!!! BY ATTENDING AND SUBSCRIBING TO MY SHOWS, THIS "MUST SEE" EPISODE WILL TEACH YOU THE "MEAT AND POTATOES" OF RELAXATION TRAINING AND HOW TO BEGIN THE REPROGRAMMING/COPING PROCESS!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE (IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) AND ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT AND HELPFUL EPISODE!!! I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!