Follow the Scientific Method for Scientific Results! | Grasping Sasquatch #21

Well, it’s time to get Scientific!! We will take our First Deep Dive into Scientific Topics. This, however, will be done in small doses for the sake of the viewer, listener and the host!!! (LOL). This week, we’ll begin with the Scientific Method! After a topically related story, we will explore a definition of the Scientific Method. We will then review a graphic representation of the Scientific Method. Finally, we will explore the implications of using an Incomplete Version versus a Complete Version of the Scientific Method on Sasquatch Expedition Results! An Excellent Required Topic for Expedition Organizers/Leaders, and any Researcher Aspiring to Conduct Scientific Sasquatch Research!!! You’ll want your notebooks out for this one! (LOL). I hope to see you there for this in-depth and informative show!! … but if you can’t attend, please remember that the recorded show can be viewed on YouTube, and through the Untold Radio Network. An audio podcast version can also be downloaded from most major podcast platforms!