Food Forest Abundance | Wide Open Research #34

Hosts Dr Russ Jones and Brad Kennan talk with Jim Gayle, founder of Food Forest Abundance he shares his expertise on permaculture and sustainable agriculture. He explains the principles of permaculture and how they can be used to create food forests, diverse ecosystems that mimic natural forests and provide food and resources for humans and wildlife.This episode is an informative and inspiring resource for anyone interested in creating a more sustainable future.http://www.foodforestabundance.comPlease subscribe and hit the notification bell so you will never miss a new show or any of the 7 other amazing shows that are launching soon!New Episodes drop every Thursday.Submit a personal experience at: or email us a wideopenresearch@gmail.comor on Instagram @wideopenresearchSUBSCRIBE and support our efforts to entertain and inform. Without your free subscription we will not survive.Song Credits